The great coconut oil controversy...

So this isn't really a blog post, but I wanted to get the message out on this important topic. This was originally posted on my business Facebook page:

For those of you who are concerned about the recent announcement from the American Heart Association that coconut oil is unhealthy and should be avoided, keep in mind that one of the AHA’s biggest corporate supporters is Monsanto, a company that has a financial interest in our eating more corn and soybean oil, two of the most inflammatory and processed fats out there. What does the AHA tell us to replace our coconut oil with? Why, corn and soybean oil of course! Two other supporters of the AHA are Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb, both drug companies who develop and market statin drugs for high cholesterol. Whenever you hear something like this, it’s always important to follow the funding. For another perspective on saturated fats and cholesterol, take a look at this blog post by Dr. Mark Hyman. I won’t be getting rid of my coconut oil any time soon.

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